Ordering & Dispatch

What extra do I get with the full (paid) version?

  • It is not limited to 30 days use
  • It will open GEDCOM files of any size (the Free version is limited to 2,500 individuals)
  • The export options are enabled (e.g. export to web)
  • You can export individual reports as standalone web pages, with optional removal/privatization of recent and/or living individuals
  • You can print any page
  • Tagged records will be restored when you reopen a previously viewed GEDCOM file
  • Access to support and updates

To test any of the features of the full version but using the free trial, run GedScape and choose Open Sample GEDCOM from the File menu. (The sample GEDCOM provided has all the full features enabled, even if you only have the free trial).

What are your return and refund policies?

We want our customers to make the best possible purchase decision. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the free trial software download before you decide to get the full version. We also encourage you to explore the product pages of our website to obtain comprehensive product information.

However, we also offer a 30-day money-back no-quibble guarantee on new copies of full versions of GedScape purchased either through this web site (gedscape.co.uk) or by phone direct from us. This is not just a guarantee that GedScape does as we claim. We know it is only when you use a system for real that you discover if it is right for you. That is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

The no-quibble guarantee does not apply to upgrade orders or to purchases that have not been made directly with us (e.g. it does not apply to purchases made via the Mac App Store).

Can I use GedScape on my Mac or iPad?

You can run it on your Mac. GedScape is a fully native Mac application that requires any version of Mac OS between 10.9 Mavericks and 10.15 Catalina using Intel processor (not Apple silicon or Arm M1 based).

iPad: this software will not run on an iPad (or iPhone) or similar.

How can I order GedScape?

You can order directly through this web site using our secure online ordering facility. We take payments with credit/debit cards and PayPal.

For other forms of payment please contact the customer service help desk.

What payment methods do you accept?

For all orders placed online through our web site, we accept Visa & Mastercard Credit/Debit cards, and PayPal. We do not take Amex or other charge cards - sorry!

We can also accept payment by direct bank transfer, but not using our online ordering system. Please contact the customer service help desk if you would like to order in this way.

If I order a CD or USB stick, can I download the software as well?

Yes. When we process your order you will be sent an email that contains the information you need so you can download the software from our site and install it. This will include your product install codes. The CD/USB will be dispatched within 24 hours of your order, but there is no need to wait for it to arrive before installing.

Please note that we process orders manually - which means that you won't receive your install codes immediately upon placing your order. The install codes are sent to you within 24 hours max. of your order, usually a lot quicker. Please bear in mind we are in the UK and generally process orders during UK business hours. Though in practice we often process orders at weekends and evenings too.

What product support do I get?

You get 1 year of support as part of the product price. This gives you access to support and any updates to the product that are released during the support period. When the support period expires, you can choose to buy a support+updates extension if you wish.

What are the terms and conditions for the software license for this product?

The End User License Agreement is available on this site.

Can I re-download the program later, without further charge? E.g. in case I lose it?

Yes, for a period of at least one year following the date of purchase. We recommend that you keep a safe backup of your downloaded software e.g. on a USB memory key, as this is a useful way to keep a safe copy for ease of reinstallation should you ever need to.

Can I install on multiple computers?

You can install it on at most two computers so long as it is for your use on both machines. For other usage scenarios you would need a site or multi-user license.

I no longer have the original CD/USB/download. Can I still upgrade?

Yes. The installer is a full installation and does not require the previous version to be already installed.

I want to get the full version as soon as possible. How long does order processing take?

After you have placed your order (through this web site) we will contact you by email with installation instructions, including any install code(s) that you need for the full version of the product.

We process orders manually, and during UK business hours. If you place your order Monday-Friday during UK business hours (9-5.30 UK time) there will be a delay of a few hours at most before your installation codes are sent, because we process orders manually (i.e. by a human). Orders placed at weekends or on UK public holidays may not be processed until the next UK business day (Mon-Fri). If you are ordering from outside the UK please remember that sometimes we have public holidays that you do not.

Do you accept orders by mail/phone?

Sorry, no.

If you have specific requirements, or need further information that you can't find on this site, you can also contact the customer service help desk.

Do you offer discounts for bulk e.g. group purchases?

Yes, we do offer bulk purchase discounts, as follows:

  • 2 copies: 20% of 2nd copy
  • 3 copies: 20% off order value
  • 5-9 copies 30% off order value
  • 10+ copies: 35% off order value

To place a bulk order, please contact the customer service help desk to arrange payment. Our online ordering system does not, at this time, have a facility for placing a bulk order.

The bulk order discount may not be used in conjunction with any other discount.

If I buy GedScape for Mac, can I also use the Windows version without paying again?

No. The Mac and Windows versions of GedScape are sold as separate products. Sorry!

If I buy GedScape for Windows, can I also use the Mac version without paying again?

No. The Mac and Windows versions of GedScape are sold as separate products. Sorry!

Can I contact you through normal email for product support and/or information?

Regrettably, no. The way to get in touch is to contact the customer service help desk online.

In the past we did provide product support through email but, due to forever escalating amounts of spam, we discontinued this. When you receive emails from us (e.g., containing product install codes), these are sent from email accounts that are not monitored. Please don't reply to such emails, because you will not receive a reply. To contact us you should always do so through our online Customer Service facility.

I paid using a PayPal e-Cheque. Why is my product taking so long to be dispatched?

PayPal 'eCheques' take several days for Paypal to clear. We will process your order once it has cleared.

It's been over 24 hours since I placed my order, where are my install codes?

We aim to process all orders within 24 hours of order placement, and in most cases it is much quicker than this.

The install codes are sent by email. Please check that the product codes email has not mistakenly been treated as spam by your email system - check your spam folder! In our experience this is the likeliest reason why you may appear to have not received the install codes. We recommend that you add any email address ending with '@tenset.co.uk' or '@tenset.zendesk.com' to your 'safe senders' or 'whitelist' in your email program.

I did not receive a CD or USB stick, should I have done?

Our standard prices do not include a CD or USB stick. I.e. the prices are for download-only.

Many of our products are, however, also available on CD/USB and you can choose this for a small additional fee when placing your order.

CDs and USB sticks are dispatched using standard mail/airmail and normally take up to 10 working days to arrive for most destinations.

If you did not receive a CD/USB, please check first that you did in fact order one! If you did order one and it has not yet arrived, please contact the customer service help desk.

Downloading & Installation

How do I uninstall GedScape?

Windows: Open Control Panel and select 'Uninstall a Program' or 'Add/Remove Software'.
Mac: Just drag GedScape to the trash can.

Can I backup the software e.g. so I can reinstall later?

Yes. Just save a copy of the installer file as downloaded from thie web site, e.g. to a USB key. You can then reinstall later from the same download. You can also use this method if you need to install to a computer that's not connected online.

Why won't it accept my registration code?

There are two possible reasons for this.

The first is that you are trying to install a release of the product to which you are not entitled, because your support period has ended. The registration window will tell you the release date of the product, and you need to ensure that your registration code is valid until that date. If it is has expired, then you will need to purchase a support extension in order to install.

The only other reason that GedScape might not accept you registration code is if you have entered it incorrectly. Please check it very carefully! Also please be aware that the registration code is linked to your registration name. You must enter the same registration name as was issued to you along with the registration code.

I lost or damaged my product CD or USB stick and need to reinstall. How can I get a new one?

We can send you a new CD or USB stick, for the same amount that we currently charge to add a CD or USB stick to any product order. This is available at any time, including after your period for support has expired. If you are still entitled to support, this is a way to get the current version on CD or USB. But if your support period has expired, we will send you the latest version to which you were entitled at the point when your support period ended.

Using GedScape

How can I change the date format?

Select Preferences from the File menu (Mac: use the 'GedScape' application menu), click on the Style tab, select the General section and then choose from the Date format list.

See Date Formats.

How do I customize GedScape?

Use the Preferences window - select Preferences from the File menu (Mac: use the 'GedScape' application menu).

See Customization.

How do I control footnotes?

See References.

How do I get more than 4 generations in a pedigree chart?

You can't. Sorry! This is (currently) fixed.

See Charts.

How do I change the terms for 'surname' and 'forename'?

Select Preferences from the File menu (Mac: use the 'GedScape' application menu), click on the General tab, then change the Forename term and Surname term options.

Can I change the color scheme?

Yes. Select Preferences from the File menu (Mac: use the 'GedScape' application menu), click on the Style tab, then select Color Scheme from the list.

How do I create an ancestors report?

First display the record details for the starting individual. Next, select Create Report from the Report menu. Under Style, select one of the 'Ancestors' options. Select other options as required then click OK.

See Reports.


Do you have a phone contact?

No, sorry. Online communication is the only way to get in touch with us (contact the customer service help desk).

Is there a printed manual?

No. But there is a PDF version of the User Guide that's installed as part of the program - access it through the Help menu within GedScape.

Do you have a foreign language version of GedScape, in French/Spanish/etc.?

Not currently. Our program is in English.

However if there is sufficient demand we may produce foreign language versions of this product.

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