Use this page to buy a support+updates extension for an existing full (paid) version of GedScape for Mac that you previously bought from this web site (not the Mac App Store). If you have a version you obtained from the Mac App Store, updates are made available through the Mac App Store. If you have the Windows version please use a separate order form.

If you do not already have the paid version of GedScape you should order a new copy instead.

You may be entitled to a free upgrade to the current version (3.01), depending on when you first obtained GedScape and whether your period for support/updates is still valid. If not, place your upgrade order here.

Note that if your existing support/updates date has not yet expired, the additional period you choose below will extend your existing support/updates expiry date.

If you have a multi-user or site license, or you want to pay using a method other than online credit/debit card or Paypal, please contact the customer service help desk for further information; this page can only be used to upgrade a normal single-user installation.

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