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These prices are for products sold through this site. For current pricing on products sold through the Mac App Store, please refer to the App Store.

Product Download with 1 Year Support & Updates Download + CD with 1 Year Support & Updates Download with 3 Years Support & Updates Download + CD with 3 Years Support & Updates
- New Copy
$59 $74 $94 $109
- Support & Updates Extension
$35 $50 $70 $85

The 'Support & Updates Extension' prices are for customers who already have a licensed copy of GedScape and wish to extend their period for support & updates. It does not matter if your existing period for support & updates has expired, the price is the same. Note that if you order an extension before your existing expiry date, the extension will begin the day after that date i.e. the extension will be added to the existing date.

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