GedScape - GEDCOM Viewer/Converter Software for Windows

GedScape was a software product to view, manipulate, convert and extract text data from GEDCOM files.

This product has been retired. We no longer sell new licenses for GedScape or support extensions. Sorry!

Support & Downloads For Existing Customers

If you are a customer of the full (paid) version of GedScape you can continue to obtain the download for your version here.

If you are still in date for support you can continue to contact us for product support issues using the customer service help desk.

GedWiz - A Successor To GedScape

GedScape has been superseded by a new product called GedWiz, which is available for computers running Windows 11 or Windows 10 (only).

GedWiz has much greater capacity than GedScape (it can handle GEDCOM files with up to 1,000,000 records) and has powerful data export tools. It does not however provide website (HTML) export.

For further information please see the GedWiz website.

GedWiz Screenshots

The following images show GedWiz in action. The GedWiz website has much more information and demonstration videos.

Selected Record With Personal Events Of Children

Selected Record With Personal Events Of Grandchildren

GedWiz Main Window With Table Menu Open

Selected Record With Personal Events

GedWiz Main Window Showing Grouped Data

Selected Record With Individual Report

GedWiz Photos Table With Image Selected

Selected Record With Ancestors Report

GedWiz Thumbnail Browser

Selected Record With Descendants

GedWiz Main Window With Thumbnails Column

Selected Record With Full Siblings

Selected Record With Cousins