Details Pages

Overview tab with Photo & Narrative Overview tab with Key Details & Narrative Individual Chronology Family Chart Pedigree Chart Descendants Chart

These pages display all the data for a specific GEDCOM record. Whilst mainly used to show details about an individual, record details pages can actually be displayed for every record within a GEDCOM file including the header record, all the family records, and all supporting records such as source records, note records and so on. For further information see File Structure.

The record details page comprises a number of tabs. Tabs are disabled and cannot be clicked if there is no data available under that tab.

The full list of possible tabs is as follows.

The Overview Tab

For individuals and family records this may include a table of key details, a narrative text describing the person/family in a free reading sentence-like style, photo(s), and details of any children also with optional photos. For other record types this tab just lists the main record details.

The Chronology Tab

A table showing a chronological list of events/happenings associated with this individual/family. The main data shown are the events/attributes stored as part of the individual/family record but it can also include data from closely associated records: a person's children, their spouse, the families they are linked to (as both child and spouse).

The Family and Parents Tabs

For individual records these are separate tabs to show chart of the persons families as a child (i.e. their birth family) and as a spouse (i.e. their family as a parent). Individuals who have had 2 or more spouses have multiple family charts; you can move from one to another by clicking links to the left/right of the spouse boxes in the chart. Family records have a single family chart tab.

The Pedigree Tab

For individual and family records this shows a chart of the near ancestors in pedigree format to a depth of 4 generations.

The Descendants Tab

For individual and family records this shows a chart of the near descendants using a reverse pedigree layout.

Other Tabs

  • The Events tab lists all GEDCOM events associated with the individual/family in chronological order.
  • The Notes tab lists all GEDCOM notes associated with the record. This will include notes stored at the 'record level' as well as any notes associated with specific fields/events.
  • The Attributes tab lists all GEDCOM attributes associated with the individual in chronological order.
  • The Gallery tab shows any photographic multimedia as a gallery of thumbnails.
  • The Citations tab lists all GEDCOM source citations associated with the record. This will include both 'record level' citations and any associated with specific fields/events.
  • The LDS Individual Ordinances and LDS Spouse Sealings tabs list all GEDCOM LDS data associated with an individual/family.
  • The Multimedia tab lists all GEDCOM multimedia links associated with the record. This will include multimedia stored at the 'record level' as well as any multimedia associated with specific fields/events.
  • The GEDCOM Text tab shows the raw GEDCOM text for this record, but with clickable links to associated records.
  • The Fields tab shows the raw GEDCOM fields for this record, with their GEDCOM tag names.
  • The Links tab shows a list of all records within the GEDCOM that link to this record (i.e. a cross reference).

Removing Unwanted Tabs

You can remove unwanted tabs from the record details pages of individuals and family records. You can either do this globally (to affect all records), or individually or for groups of ancestors/descendants of an individual.

The main reason why you would want to do this is, when exporting a website, to cut down the size of the website generated. Typically within most GEDCOM files there will be a large number of individuals for which little information is known, and many of the record details tabs will be empty or contain little of interest. What you can do is set the default record tabs to just include, say, the Overview and Chronology tabs, but then specifically enable additional record tabs for those individuals of interest. E.g. to include chart tabs.

To set the default record tabs (i.e. those that apply to all records excepting those for which specific record tabs have been set) select Preferences from the File menu and then choose Default Record Tabs.

To set record-specific tabs, first display the details page for the individual you want to set tabs for, then choose Record|Set Displayed Tabs. You can also set the tabs for an individual plus a set number of his/her ancestors/descendants in a single operation: use the Record|Set Ancestor Displayed Tabs or Record|Set Descendant Displayed Tabs options instead.