Exporting - CSV

You can export a text/CSV file comprising data about the individuals in the GEDCOM file. This is an easy way to transfer data from a GEDCOM into, e.g., a spreadsheet.

The exported data can be limited e.g. to exclude specific individuals or restrict to individuals earlier than a given date (more on this below).

To export the data:

  1. Choose File|Export Text File (CSV).
  2. You will be asked to select the output file. If it already exists it will be overwritten.
  3. The Export Text/CSV window appears. This offers various options to adjust the export.
  4. Having chosen your export options the file is written.

Export Text/CSV Options

The Export Text/CSV window lets you customize various aspects of the export. It has three tabs: Individuals, Fields and Format.

The Individuals tab is used to limit the individuals that are included in the export. You can opt to limit it to only those individuals that you have tagged. In addition you can choose to have individuals automatically excluded or 'privatized' depending on their date of birth. This makes it easy e.g. to remove all individuals born after say 1900 without your having to resort to manually tagging them. See Exporting - Privacy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whilst the export privacy mechanism is provided with the intent of being helpful when removing sensitive data, don't rely on it. The only true way to check whether an export includes no sensitive or private data is for you to manually check the exported files in their entirety, prior to your distributing or publishing the exported file(s). We accept no responsibility for any erroneous inclusion of sensitive data from your GEDCOM file in an export, irrespective of the cause.

The Fields tab is used to select the data that is to be included for each individual. You choose the fields (columns) to be exported, whether to separate names into forename + surname columns or whether to have a single combined name column, and formatting options for names such as case conversion.

The Format tab lets you control the low level format of the output file. You can set the line endings, character set, date format, column separator, quote character, whether or not to include a UTF byte order marker, and whether or not to include a header line. These options let you export text/CSV files that can be used on most platforms.