Photo Gallery Record Summary Table With Photos

The gallery is a grid of captioned thumbnail images referenced from 'multimedia links' within a GEDCOM file. The image files named in those links must exist on your local system and be accessible to GedScape using the file paths as stored in the GEDCOM file.

You can display a gallery of all images within a GEDCOM file by choosing the Gallery option from the main menu. Or, you can display a gallery of images associated with a specific individual by first displaying the record details for that individual and then clicking the Gallery tab.

Gallery pages are also included in a website export. The image files can be optionally exported along with the generated HTML files making it straightforward to export a GEDCOM file and associated images as a single folder.

A kind of 'mini gallery' of images can also be included in each row of a summary table. E.g. on the main menu the All Individuals with Photos option will list just those individuals for which photos are available.


You can set the number of columns and the width of the thumbnail images shown in a gallery listing. To do this, select Preferences from the File menu, click on the Style tab and then select General from the list.