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You can purchase a new license for GedScape software, for download, through this website using secure online ordering. Payment is by credit/debit card and PayPal.

If you are an existing customer (i.e., you have previously bought a license for a full working copy of GedScape), you may be able to purchase an upgrade.

For all other purchases, including bulk orders & academic discounts, and purchases on physical media such as USB, please contact the customer service helpdesk.

See prices.

To make the best possible purchase decision, please take advantage of the free trial download before you decide to get the full version.

However, there is also a 30-day money-back no-quibble guarantee on new copies of full versions of GedScape purchased directly through this website.

This does not apply to upgrade orders or to purchases not been made directly through this website.

iPad: this software will not run on an iPad (or iPhone) or similar.

Mac: GedScape is a Windows application and as such it does not run directly on a Mac.

If your Mac has a Windows environment such as that provided by 'Parallels' (or similar products) then you should be able run it. However, the use of any Windows-targetted products within the Parallels environment on the Mac is not formally supported.

Sorry, but Windows 10S/11S is not supported. Windows 10S/11S is a limited version of Windows that can only run apps from the official Windows app store, and GedScape cannot be obtained that way.

Sorry, but no. Chromebook is not supported.

  • A detailed User Guide is installed as part of the product. This can be accessed through the Help menu.
  • Common product support questions are covered in the Frequently Asked Questions page for GedScape.
  • 1 year access to the customer helpdesk for product support for the current release are included as part of the product price when you buy a license.
  • Support includes any updated releases that are released during the support period, which you can download free of charge.
  • Support is available for the latest release of the product at any time - if you are in date for support but do not have the latest release then you should download and install that before contacting the helpdesk. Older, retired, releases of the product are not supported.
  • For continued access to the helpdesk after the support period has ended it is necessary to upgrade. Discounts are available for existing customers, depending on when your previous period for support ended.

Yes. The installer is a full installation and does not require the previous release to be already installed. However you will need a valid install key to install it.

After you have placed your order (through this website) you will be contacted by email with installation instructions, including any install code(s) that you need for the full version of the product.

Order are processed manually (i.e. by a human), and during UK business hours. If you place your order Monday-Friday during UK business hours (9-5.30 UK time) there will be a delay of a few hours before your installation codes are sent. Orders placed at weekends or on UK public holidays may not be processed until the next UK business day (Monday-Friday). If you are ordering from outside the UK please remember that sometimes the UK has public holidays that you do not.

Sorry, no.

Yes, as follows:

  • 2 copies: 20% of 2nd copy
  • 3 copies: 20% off order value
  • 5-9 copies 30% off order value
  • 10+ copies: 35% off order value

To place a bulk order, please contact the customer service helpdesk to arrange payment. The online ordering system on this site does not, at this time, have a facility for placing a bulk order.

The bulk order discount may not be used in conjunction with any other discount.

The company aims to process all orders within 24 hours of order placement or within the next UK business day (whichever is later), though in most cases it is much quicker than this.

Install codes are sent by email. Please check that this email has not been mistakenly treated as spam by your email system - check your spam folder! This is the likeliest reason why you may appear to have not received the install codes. You are recommended to add to your 'safe senders' or 'whitelist' in your email program.

No, sorry. All prices are for download only.

The company no longer supplies software on CD or USB stick except by prior, specific, arrangement.

Please contact the customer service helpdesk.